Dog Obedience: A Quick and Easy Way To Train Your Dog to Obey The WAIT Command!

Dog Obedience: A Quick and Easy Way To Train Your Dog to Obey The WAIT Command!

Dog Obedience: A Quick and Easy Way To Train Your Dog to Obey The WAIT Command!

How many times have you tried to teach your dog or puppy to obey the WAIT command, only to discover that your dog doesn't want to WAIT?

Training your dog to attend is terribly difficult as a result of most dogs are simply distracted. Dogs also are naturally energetic and inattentive. Your dog could have issue comprehending the WAIT command as a result of it necessitates inactivity.

As we tend to all grasp, it doesn't take long for a dog to become restless and bored! that's why the WAIT command is therefore troublesome to teach! Here is a straightforward thanks to train your dog to adapt the WAIT command:

1. place your dog on a brief leash and walk him to the outside door.

Using a leash can enable you to manage your dog higher once he doesn't reply to the WAIT command initially.

Open the door only enough for you to squeeze through and go outside, going away your dog on the within. currently your dog are going to be one facet with you on the opposite and therefore the leash hanging in between. 

You might attempt giving your dog the SIT command initially. A dog that's in an exceedingly sitting position can tend to be still a small amount longer than if he were standing up.

2. Slowly open the door just a small amount.

Hold up the palm of your hand in a STOP position and say WAIT! 

Don't be disappointed if your dog tries to shove open the door and come rushing toward you! Your dog, not knowing this command, is probably going to scramble to push through the door. 

3. Shut the door quickly as soon as your dog starts to move toward you.

This will halt the dog in his tracks. 

Okay, now repeat step two. Now watch your dog closely. The first time that he doesn't try to rush through the door may only last a mere second! 

When your dog finally comprehends the WAIT command and pauses, lavish him with praise and give him a release command (OKAY!) to let him comethrough the door. 

4. Practice, practice, practice!

Keep repeating the steps described above. Your dog will eventually learn that when he mellows out and WAITS that you will allow him to pass through the front door. 

5. Once your dog learns to obey the WAIT command from the SIT position, try teaching him the command while he is standing up.

This is a way more durable position for your dog to master the WAIT command from. he's visiting wish to maneuver around or maybe SIT. 

Be per your coaching and apply this routine at each chance. make sure to offer your dog many praise and positive reinforcement. Soon, your dog will perceive what you wish and can simply reply to the WAIT command! 

Training your dog to adjust the WAIT command takes time, patience and apply. however the top result are value it! Eventually, you may be rewarded with a dog that not bolts out the door whenever you open it!


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