Dog History: The Pit Bull Terrier

Dog History: The Pit Bull Terrier

Dog History: The Pit Bull Terrier

Most modern Pit Bulls are believed to be descended from European bull dogs and different breeds of mastiffs that were once used in farm work. The mastiffs were known for their strength and power, so they were primarily used to help farmers with their bulls when it was time to bring them in from the fields.

The working dog became called the bulldog. The dog’s main purpose was to guard the farmer from being gored by AN furious bull. The dog typically accomplished this task by biting onto the bull and hanging on till the bull relented. Since these dogs were used for cover from angry bulls, that they had to possess tremendous strength in their jaws and bodies. They conjointly had to be stubborn enough to hold onto a stampeding bull, irrespective of what the bull did to them, to guard the farmer they worked for.

As time passed, these dogs started being employed in bull and bear harassment. throughout this point it's believed some bulldogs were conjointly bred with terriers to assist build them higher suited to these sports. By intermixture with the hunting dog breed, the dogs were smaller and a good deal a lot of agile than the regular bulldog. They conjointly had a lot of muscular bodies, that helped to reinforce their harm manufacturing ability. These sports were preferred in England round the early nineteenth century. within the year 1835, English Parliament prohibited the sports of bull and bear harassment, stating that it absolutely was a lot of too cruel to the animals concerned. the game lost quality, and eventually died fully out once some years.

Dog fighting shortly took the place of the antecedently prohibited bull and bear harassment sports. Breeders began attempting to provide dogs that were geared  to be wonderful fighters. They tried to reinforce the dog’s nimbleness, strength, and muscle system to form them a lot of formidable opponents. Breeders conjointly tried to breed the foremost intelligent dogs, so that they would be less possible to form mistakes in fighting, and conjointly so that they would solely be aggressive toward different dogs, not humans they'll encounter. one among the principles of dog fighting was that the owner of the dog had to be ready to enter the ring throughout a fight, decide his dog up, and take it fully out of the fighting ring while not the dog biting him. If the dog bit the owner throughout this point, the dog was directly killed.

Also in the 1800’s Pit Bulls started becoming popular pets, not just for dog fighting and farming. The dog became a mascot during World War 1 and could be seen on many war posters, which helped to increase its popularity. They were popular because of their high intelligence and devotion to their masters. In the early 1900’s pit bulls began being used in movies as well.

The Pit Bull is a dog with a very detailed history, and is still quite popular today. The breed does receive a lot of negative criticism, but with the right owners, still make terrific pets.


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