Cat Separation Anxiety: What Are The Causes, Signs, Treatment?

Cat Separation Anxiety: What Are The Causes, Signs, Treatment?

Cat Separation Anxiety: What Are The Causes, Signs, Treatment?

While the research into cat separation anxiety is just in the early stages of understanding, many have been noticing the signs. I will retell the story of my two cats, Bubba and Charlie.

Charlie was my future wife's cat of 4 years. Some 6 years ago, when we moved in together, Charlie was aloof and avoided me, at least at first. Once she realized I was here to stay, she started accepting me. At first, a bit stand-offish, but slowly accepting me to the point that she'd lay on my lap to the dismay of my wife. My work at the time was on the road, with periods of time at home. We soon noticed that when I was away, Charlie would groom herself excessively, to the point of creating a bald spot on her flank. When I was home, the excessive grooming would stop. On my retirement, the only time we were away was every two weeks, my wife had to return to the hospital she worked for to do their payroll. We would be away for 2 -3 days every 2 weeks. On our return, we would find that Charlie had vomited all around the house, and on our bed. The reason we know this, once on arrival at home, we walked in on her vomiting. As soon as we brought out our suitcases to pack for our trip, Charlie would hide away, under the bed, the sofa, or under the dining table to avoid us.

Bubba, on the opposite hand, was a stray that I adopted a couple of year when I had touched in, my best guess was that he was a couple of year recent. It took ages however Charlie and Bubba became smart buddies. the sole sign with him was on our come back he wouldn't allow us to out of sight. If you visited the lavatory, he had to even be there. He would walk with Pine Tree State, rubbing up against Pine Tree State, to the extent on nearly trip Pine Tree State.

In doing analysis, these are all signs of separation anxiety in cats. Speculation of the cause vary from genetic to environmental factors being concerned. Some say being parentless or being weaned early could incline the event of separation anxiety. As this subject gets additional study, there could be additional data garnered.

Things to try to to are subjective. the primary issue would be to possess the Dr. do an entire physical to form certain the behavior isn't caused by some underlying physical downside. this may perhaps involve blood work, urinalysis, thyroid testing, or a pressure level check.

Some other suggestions embody creating the time of departure less nerve-racking by making changes within the traditional routine. Some consultants counsel that for quarter-hour before feat and upon come back home, the owner ought to ignore the cat. feat a distracting toy are often useful. somebody urged activity tasty treats in varied places within the house. creating the surroundings additional stimulating could facilitate. A cat tower with toys connected close to a window may facilitate. typically they merely get pleasure from seeing what's happening outside.

Some consultants have expressed that in some things the short-run use of anti-anxiety medications could also be required. you want to bear in mind that these don't seem to be tagged specifically to be used in cats and should / must be prescribed and monitored by your Dr..

In the future analysis ought to be ready to provide North American nation additional data concerning the cause and treatment of separation anxiety in cats and build life higher for our very little feline friends.

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