Dog Behavior Problems: My Dog is a Nuisance When He Misbehaves!

Dog Behavior Problems: Help! My Dog is a Nuisance When He Misbehaves!

Dog Behavior Problems: Help! My Dog is a Nuisance When He Misbehaves!

How many times have I hear fellow dog owners say, “I hate it when he barks non stop… or he utterly embarrassed me when he mounts people’s leg”. Dog owners usually have no problems to fill in tons of their dog behavioral problems into the above statements. 

I have to admit that I feel defeated, even unhappy whenever I hear dog house owners say that statement. Why? as a result of, these house owners have did not see things from their dog’s prospective! to place it merely, I ought to say that they don’t perceive their dogs in the slightest degree.

Dogs don't misconduct as a result of they're despiteful, or are resolute gravel or anger you. they solely behave in a very manner that is anticipated of a dog!

The fact is that dog behavioral problems that we can’t stand are not problems at all to the dogs. In fact, do you know that dogs “misbehave” for a reason or two? To list a few:

1. Dogs bark because they have something to say, something to tell you.

2. Dogs dig because they smell something underneath the ground.

3. Dogs chew because they are teething and are feeling uncomfortable.

4. Dogs chase after moving objects because they are following its instinct.

5. Dogs turn aggressive because they want to protect you.

For your information, most dogs actually misbehaved (in our eyes) because of the lack of care, concern and training from their very own owners:

1. Health Issue – Many behaviorists & dog trainers believe that at least 20% of all behavior problems are related to the dog’s health in some way or another. For all that you might know. Your dog could be misbehaving because he is sick or in pain. Bring him to the vet for a thorough check-up if he misbehaves suddenly when he has always been a good dog.

2. Imbalance Diet – Feeding your dog the wrong food, with too high in protein, fat or carbohydrates is known to cause hyperactivity. Sugars, starches and many other factors in your dog’s diet can also cause behavioral problems in your dog. Always read the label of the food before you feed him, seek advice if necessary. Remember that dogs need different type of food in different stages of their life.

3. Exercise - Lack of exercise also cause plentiful of problems. A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise is unhealthy and tends to be hyperactive, and display destructive behaviors. Dogs depending on breed type need plentiful of exercises - Do consider this factor before you get a puppy.

4. Lack of Leadership –I can’t stress enough on the importance of the leadership issue. Dogs show a lot of behavioural issues after they lack a pacesetter. Aggressive & damaging behaviors, leg lifting, marking, mounting, barking & etc… It’s important that you just assume the role of the alpha leader!

You must perceive that each one dog develop behavior issues. These dog behavior issues ne'er develop in an exceedingly vacuum. they're forever the result of the interaction between a dog and its surroundings, as well as you! Most canine behavioural issues are often controlled if not solved  fully. you only have to be compelled to place in some effort and perceive that interference is healthier than cure.

Lastly, do try and see and comprehend things from your dog’s prospective the subsequent time your dog misbehaves. You’ll presently realize that you just love him even more!


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