Dog Barks When Left Alone

Dog Barks When Left Alone

Dog Barks When Left Alone

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help curb a barking problem when we are not home. Our 2 year-old Shepherd/Chow mix rarely barks when we are home, but when we leave her in her nice pen outdoors when we are gone she yips and barks. We have tried stuffed animals and kong toy with food inside. Do we need to get a bark collar?  Any other suggestions or info on the collars would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Beth Nordstrom

Dear Beth:

First, I would try to figure out what is causing the dog to bark. It may be nothing more than nuisance barking. In which case, a bark collar would work best.

But I'd first rule out all other factors, such as:

- A neighbor's kid who may be taunting your dog.

- Lack of exercise/stimulation.

- Throwing a toy outside of the pen and then barking in an attempt to "make it come back"

- Any number of other factors that could be eliminated before dropping $100 on a bark collar.

I don't grasp what form of exercise plan you've got your dog on now, however it most likely wouldn't hurt to shop for a bicycle and begin taking your dog for long runs. (It's smart for you, too!)

As that bark collars to use... those that I've had the foremost success with are the Tri-Tronics Bark clipper. I've tried a budget yellow ones they sell at the pet stores and have found them to be poorly designed, systematically over or under-correcting your dog, and resetting themselves too quickly.

The citronella collars are for the most part a joke. The get clogged and jam often. The citronella runs out. Plus, I'm not crazy regarding spraying the things in your dog's eyes.

That's all for now, folks!


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