Dog Agility Training for Your Puppy

Dog Agility Training for Your Puppy

Dog Agility Training for Your Puppy

You may be thnking, "When can I start agility training with my new puppy?"  You can start immediately, with certain recommendations. Puppies are always learning, so every time you are with your pup you can be playing and socializing with agility in mind.  Always remember, if you can control your puppies environment, you can teach and train the behaviors you want, left on their own, even in a fenced yard, puppies will learn and develop behaviors that later we may want or need to extinguish.

Expose your puppy to different surfaces.  One of the first behaviors we teach our pups is "Box"  or "Table".  This  behavior transfers to the agility pause table.  Lure pup up on a low pause table, treat them on the table.  You can call the pause table anything you want.  (If I was starting over I would name the pause table "Box" instead of "Table" for my dogs because on the agility course there is the potential to have too many "T" words, i.e. tunnel, tire, table, and teeter.  The problem is I am also a creature of habit, and under pressure revert back to my default words, "table" would be one of them.)

Teach your pup to "Box", meaning to  get up on a variety of obstacles.  In our training field we use "Box" for upside down kennel tops, the bottom of barrels turned upside down, bird crates, and more.  Be creative with your pup, get them to get up on all kinds of surfaces, exposing them to different shapes, sizes, and textures.  Once your pup is comfortable getting up on a "Box", then you can begin to ask them to sit on the box also.
You can conjointly begin to use Buja boards for motion coaching.  Buja boards are usually made of laminate, 36" x 36" with a painted surface or lined surface.  On the side, there's a 2x4 box wherever a part deflated ball is placed. this permits the Buja board to rock gently. initially you'll be able to reward your pup for obtaining one paw on the board, then reward for 2 feet and eventually all four. betting on your pups temperament can verify how briskly they get snug on the Buja Board.
Perch coaching may be started with young pups.  The Perch is mostly a 1'x1' wood surface that's raised by 2"x4"'s beneath. therefore the Perch is regarding four inches tall.  The Perch helps teach pups rearend awareness.  Again, you'll be able to reward your pup for obtaining one front paw on the perch so the opposite.  Perch coaching is generally used with simply the front paws on the Perch.
These are simply some behaviors you'll be able to teach your young pup.  Exposure to a spread of surfaces and heights can facilitate your pup build confidence in his future lightness coaching.


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