Diamond In The Ruff -- Meet The Cairn Terrier

Diamond In The Ruff -- Meet The Cairn Terrier

Diamond In The Ruff -- Meet The Cairn Terrier

The Cairn terrier hails from Scotland, as do its close and outstanding relatives, the Scottish terrier and the West Highland terrier. Much like another cousin, the Welsh terrier, the Cairn is probably an underappreciated breed in the United States, while it remains wildly popular in the old country. But its relative dark horse status is likely just fine with serious Cairn fans. 

Unlike many enthusiast strains of hunting dog, the Cairn has ne'er been subjected to uptown clips and beautiful barbering, just like the Kerry or the Wire hunting dog. As a result, the Cairn will look pretty shaggy as compared, and resembles the dog he was born and bred to be. Cairns, after all, were named once the cairns or concentrated stones within the Scottish Highlands they thus typically set themselves to creating by removal through, trying to find rats. The Cairn was a fearless hunter of vermin and rouster of foxes, with robust claws, teeth, ANd an fully nonnegotiable searching instinct. he's not the sort of dog you'll be able to set loose within the park. 

The terrier could be a convenient size for many trendy families, consideration solely regarding thirteen or fourteen pounds. he's robust and resilient, and contains a real feeling for youngsters, though you'll still must confirm that they treat him gently, like several alternative dog. The Cairn could be a cheerfully freelance sort with AN improbably sharp brain. You'll need to offer him some attention-grabbing jobs round the house and confirm he stays as challenged as potential (otherwise, he’s seemingly to challenge your flower beds). although several trendy little dogs primarily find yourself as lapdogs, the Cairn has the smarts and therefore the perseverance to be way more. 

Despite his shaggy locks, some terrier lovers find a unique and rustic beauty in this breed. If you want an active, enthusiastic, tough little terrier companion, the Cairn deserves your serious consideration. 

Cairns come in almost all colors -- anything but white conforms to type. Anyone wanting to add a small, sharp and very affectionate dog to their family unit would do well to consider the long-lived Cairn.


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