Destructive Puppy On The Loose

Destructive Puppy On The Loose

Destructive Puppy On The Loose

I have a question for you about my puppy, Lab and Pitbull mix, almost 5 months old. We also have two other labs, about 7 years old, each.

Anyway, Pippin (the puppy), may be a extremely good dog. He picked up the sit command while not my ever teaching him and looks to be told from the opposite dogs extremely quick. the sole factor he hasn't learned isn't to trash the house and also the yard whereas we have a tendency to're at work regardless of what quantity we penalize him. I scan one in every of your responses on your web site concerning dogs misbehaving once you're not home that you explicit  was as a result of they're bored, however he's got 2 alternative dogs to play with. of course he'd a lot of rather play with them, even once I'm home. Is there one thing I will do, or like me, does one suspect it's simply a puppy thing?

Also, I've been thinking about taking him to Doggie Daycare once a week. Do you think this will help?


Dear Theresa,

I'm not exactly sure where you read that I suggest that dogs destroy things because they are bored. This CAN be ONE reason that dogs destroy things. However, in fact, there are many possible reasons.

Regardless, the main point you have to understand is that IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER. Who cares? Maybe he's doing it because his mother ignored him. Or because he was picked on in puppy kindergarten. (Alright, I'm making jokes.)

But altogether seriousness, your dog has incontestable  that he's not the right age (or accountable enough) to be left unattended. In fact, what i like to recommend on my internet site (and in my book) is that you just ought to leave no puppy unattended till he's between a year and one.5 years old, and HAS GONE many MONTHS with excellent behavior. (I'm mistreatment caps as a result of the news report list server won't let Maine use the daring feature in my word processor).

But irrespective of however smart or dangerous he's been within the past, seven months old is solely too young to depart unattended. Leave him within the crate or kennel run, a bit like you'd a shaver in a very play pen or crib.

And most importantly, you don't want him to hurt himself.

Remember, even though he may look like an adult dog now, he's still mentally a puppy.

That's all for now, folks!


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