Designer Breeds: Will You Remember Me?

Designer Breeds:  Will You Remember Me?

Designer Breeds:  Will You Remember Me?

Designer dogs have been around for many decades already. A once underground movement towards better breeds is becoming big business for those willing to experiment with the creation of designer mix breed dogs. 

The designer dog club is spear headed by increasing numbers of celebrities and famous people are bringing their dogs into the limelight. And the picture is becoming increasingly bizarre. 

You have possibly detected regarding the Labradoodle, Puggle or the Maltipoo. The variations that breeders are turning out with are more and more strange. Ever puzzled what a Shih Tzu and a spitz would appear as if crossed? Your very little Shih English person would beyond any doubt be small, cute and a enamored companion – however what regarding all the varied health risks that may become exaggerated with a cross like this?

The experimentation doesn't seem to have any limits either. 

What about a Puggle, Cock a Poo or Peke a Poo? Sound cute and adorable right? Shorkies, Pugaliers, Puggles, Schnoodles and English Boodles. Starting to sound like a bizarre nursery rhyme? 

It's unfortunately much more than a cute collection of ideas about dog breeding. It's becoming an increasing problem as pseudo registries and organizations start taking the place of the widely recognized and respected more established club. 

Unfortunately these fashionable dogs are all too often the result of exploitative breeding for profit. 

People who buy these designer dogs are often told it’s unique. Many of these dogs have a genetic make-up that cannot be reproduced again. You can be guaranteed that your dog is unique, so unique that he probably won't even resemble his parents or litter mates. 

And the wide range of health problems he might experience later in life will also be unique. Your Veterinarian won't have any prior list to consult when trying to diagnose your dog. Canine Medicine is tricky enough without adding the mix-breed wild card. If you buy a dog from an established breeding line you can be assured that your vet will have a long list of possible diseases that are common in the breed. 

If you own a designer dog you cannot be certain of any of the kinds of qualities that he will grow up with. This can be likened to Russian roulette with dogs. One bad gene somewhere along the line your dog might have picked up some aggression or equally feared qualities. 

If you have your heart set on a mixed breed dog then consider getting one at your local humane shelter; in reality you would be getting the same exact thing for a low few.  Many of the fashionable mixes are now in pounds and shelters. 

Unfortunately with mixed breed dogs you'll be able to ne'er tell what forms of health or activity issues may surface later in life. you'll be able to build an informed guess on what forms of disorders your dog is genetically susceptible to. By watching the foremost common ailments of every of the oldsters you may be able to determine what forms of diseases your dog is probably going to induce. 

Designer dogs are getting additional and more well-liked. One solely must take a look at the quantity of media attention these dogs have gotten of late.
Dogs are subject to varied fashions throughout the ages. it's nearly sure that a lot of of the changes are visiting build a distinction to dogs as we all know them nowadays.
Who knows maybe one day nobody will even remember where the Puggle came from!


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