Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday with a Dog Party

Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday with a Dog Party

It was recently according that over 700,000 pets within the us have had birthday parties thrown for them by their house owners. This “pet party” trend has conjointly launched in different nations like China, Japan and European country. If you were thinking of throwing a celebration for your pet (specifically your dog), here may be a list of party safety pointers to confirm that every one of the party animals present have a fun and safe time. This list is by no means that totally comprehensive, however it offers you an honest start line for your pet party safety. you must continually use your best judgment to see if one thing is suitable for your pet, and therefore the different pets present at the party. while not any good day, here are the dog party safety tips:

- All dogs attending the party should have at least one person who the dog feels comfortable around present at the party. If a guardian for the dog is not able to attend your party, the dog should not attend either. Unless you feel comfortable enough with watching the dog yourself, you do not one to be held liable if something happens to the dog.

- In case any of the dogs’ guardians do not bring waste bags for their dogs, make sure to have plenty on hand. This is especially true if the party is at a dog park or other public facility. Be sure to leave the location in the same condition that it was in prior to the party.

- To avoid any potential scuffles between the party animals, solely invite dogs that your dog already is aware of and feels comfy with. If your best friend’s dog is good, however simply doesn’t get together with your dog for a few reason, it should be best to depart them off of the guest list. If you would like to ask a dog World Health Organization your dog has ne'er met, founded a gathering between your dog and also the different dog so they'll become familiar before the party. positively leave canine bullies off of the guest list.

- If you plan to have an outdoor party at a dog park or in your backyard, make sure that you have a contingency plan in the event of bad weather.

- In regards to the length of the party, you can plan the party for as long as you see fit, just keep in mind that dogs can become restless very easy. If you notice that many of the guests are getting cranky, don’t be afraid to end the party early.

- Wherever you choose to have the party, make sure that it is safely enclosed and that there are no “cracks” that any of the party guests may be able to slip through. This is especially true for the smaller guests at the party. If your Rottweiler has started digging a whole under your fence in the backyard, make sure that the hole isn’t big enough for your friend’s Shih Tzu to crawl through. If you think that the whole may become problematic, fill the whole before you host your party.

- At treat time, make sure that every puppy has his or her own treat. Also, allow each dog’s guardian to give the treat to their respective dog.

- If you invite dogs that have not yet been spayed or neutered, make sure that you alert the parents of the other dogs at the party. Also, if you think that it is necessary, make sure that the parents of these dogs keep an especially close eye on their pet.

- Make sure to solely offer treats that are deemed safe for dogs. If you're unsure concerning the dog toxicity of any of the treats that you just need to relinquish out at your party, consult your physician. Also, it's an honest plan to speak with the house owners of the dog party guests beforehand to test if their dog is allergic to a specific food or ingredient.


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