Cats And Pills - Tablets.

Cats And Pills - Tablets.

Cats And Pills - Tablets.

Nearly everything alive becomes unwell at some stage in its life, and pets aren't any exception. i've got been terribly lucky in this my 2 cats are very healthy for many of their lives. Recently the oldest cat become unwell and had to travel to the vet. sadly she was diagnosed with a style of cancer. The treatment choices were pills or radiation 'therapy'. The radiotherapy was terribly pricy in order that left the pills. Pills are fine for humans, however if you have got ever tried to administer pills to your cat then you'd grasp a number of the issues i've got had.

I usually feed my cats on a dry 'all in one' biscuit diet. This diet and a supplement of fresh food has kept them very healthy for over 14years. But now I need to add pills to her diet every twelve hours. So what do I feed her that will hide the pill well enough for her to eat it without complaining? Well after some experimentation I came to the conclusion that hiding a whole pill was not the answer. Not the answer at all. Whole pills are located and removed from the food with amazing accuracy. The simple answer is to crush the pills before adding them to the food.

( Note : The pill should be added to a small quantity of food - half a normal serve or less, and that small quantity should be given to your pet BEFORE the rest of the meal. This helps to ensure your cat is hungry enough to eat the entire pill. Once the pill food is eaten you can give them the rest of the meal.)

Pills are usually quite easy to crush into powder, I use two spoons, one small teaspoon as the crusher, and a larger desert spoon to hold the pill. Place the pill into the larger spoon and using the edge of the small spoon as a blunt knife, carefully break the pill into smaller chunks. Now use the small teaspoon to gently crush the chunks into powder. In less than two minutes you should be ready to sprinkle the powdered pill onto a small serve of food. Crushing the pill gets much easier once you have done two or three.

This is how I prepare chicken or fish for my cat at pill time :

Chicken : Cooked (cold)

Cooked chicken could be a favorite food of my cats thus it's an honest pill food for them. to form the foremost reliable pill concealing food from cold chicken is basically quite straightforward. initial of all you would like to arrange the pill by crushing it into a powder as delineate higher than. Then you would like atiny low serve of chicken that you simply will breakup into small items - use your fingers, it provides the most effective results. Once you have got shifting the chicken add atiny low amount of water to the serving plate and roll the chicken within the water till it's wet everywhere. currently drain the surplus water from the plate - an excessive amount of water can leave the pill on the plate and not on the food wherever it has to be. the subsequent step is facultative, however it makes an enormous distinction for my pets. the subsequent step is to position the food in an exceedingly kitchen appliance. All you would like to try and do is extremely GENTLY heat up the food, i take advantage of regarding half-dozen SECONDS on high. What you're searching for is to get rid of the coldness of the food - that activates the SMELL of the food. don't build the food hot! ( the warmth may injury the pill that you simply are attempting to feed them, and not several cats can eat hot food anyway.) currently that you simply have a really gently warm serve of food it's time to feature the pill. simply sprinkle the crushed pill over the wet, heat chicken and serve it up!

Note : Always add the Pill LAST!

Fish : Raw

If you want to use raw fish as a pill serving food then it pays to make sure that the cat in question likes the fish that you are going to use. ( Cats are fussy!) I have two cats, one eats fish at every opportunity, and the other will walk right past it and ask for something else..

So get a small piece of fish to test the cat with, and assuming that the fish is accepted it is easy to prepare. I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut the fish into small pieces. A sharp knife is ok but the skin on fish is very tough, so for safety and ease of preparation I use scissors. Once you have the fish cut up all you need to do is sprinkle the powdered pill over the fish and serve it up. Raw fish is usually wet and quite smelly, so it doesn't require water to be added or the microwave to warm it up.

Fish : Cooked (cold)

To prepare a cooked cold fish you basically follow the steps outlined for cooked chicken. Prepare the pill, get a small bit of cooked fish and cut or break it up into small pieces. Make it wet, drain off the excess water and zap it in the microwave for a few seconds - do not make the food hot! Add the crushed pill to the warm wet fish and serve it up.

Note : Always add the Pill LAST!

The purpose of warming up the food is to form it smellier. Most food contains a abundant stronger scent or smell once it's at temperature than it will straight from the refrigerator.

If you would like alittle amount of contemporary raw fish it will typically be purchased from your native remove deli. If you would like to use stewed fish from a remove search bear in mind that the batter or bread crumbs ought to be removed before it's served to the cat. (Well, it ought to be removed if your cat won't eat the fish with it still on there..) additionally bear in mind to cool down the fish all the way down to concerning temperature before you add the pill - otherwise the warmth could injury the pill.

Never microwave any pill - it could damage the active ingredients or even make them toxic to your pet.

For those that are interested, my cats name is "Eff-Gee" ( "F"+"G" ) and she can tell the time as well if not better than I can. Every 12 hours (+ or - 30mins) she is asking me for her pill food :-)
My other cat - that doesn't like fish, is called "Sox". He doesn't really like chicken either. Actually he prefers the biscuits over most other foods - unless it is meat with chili on it. He is a nice cat :-)