How to train your cat to stop biting people

How to train your cat to stop biting people

How to train your cat to stop biting people

Cats look cute and loveable. that's till they begin biting poor unsuspecting kith and kin. cats have to be instructed smart behavior. plenty of biting that's done by cat may be a results of uncorrected unhealthy behavior.

Keep in mind that cats came from the wild.  Even though now cats have been domesticated and live in close contact with humans, their instincts remain the same.  They are born hunters and are equipped with the natural tools designed to hunt a prey.

Cats have predatory instincts

Biting may be a a part of a cat's defense reaction. they are doing this after they feel vulnerable. Since biting may be a cat's thanks to shield themselves, humans must take care that their cats don't assume they're threatening them in any method after they are fidgeting with their cats. 

Bear in mind that cats are predatory naturally.  They exhibit this attribute by playfully pouncing and biting the hands and feet of their house owners.

It's important for owners not to tolerate this behavior.  Otherwise, their cats will think it is acceptable.

Cat owners should not encourage their cats to think that their hands and feet are play things.  A lot of cat owners who tolerate this behavior have scars to prove this unfortunate mistake.

Look for the cause

Sometimes cats exhibit bad behavior such as scratching and biting when they are ill or have an injury.  They also do this when they feel anxiety or fear.

Cat owners need to pay close attention to the health of their cats.  They also need to examine their cat's environment to assess if there's something about their surroundings that is causing their cat's bad behavior.

Train your cat

When training a cat, owners should reward their pets for their good behavior and obedience!  This encourages the cat to maintain a good attitude.  You  can do this by giving them treats, or showering them with affection.

Fun activities

Sometimes cats bite after they get listless. once a cat starts to scratch and bite, house owners will place a stop to the present by distracting the cat with a fun activity. offer the cat a toy to play with. this can get the cat's attention, and keep the cat preoccupied.   

Cats are marvellous pets to possess.  Not solely are they clean creatures- they keep themselves clean by licking their fur. however they're additionally terribly helpful. the traditional Egyptians accustomed keep cats to catch rodents. 

however initial things first, cats have to be trained and schooled the principles of the house. fortunately for cat house owners, this means, no a lot of biting!


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