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Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

Have you ever seen a well trained dog and thought, “I want my dog may do tricks like that”? 

It's in all probability the dream of most dog homeowners to be able to teach their pet to try to to a number of the tricks they see different dogs doing, however there's one factor they need to keep in mind especially others before beginning down the trail of teaching tricks. The dog should have a minimum of some basic obedience. there's not abundant likelihood of teaching it to try to to tricks if it's a mischievous dog within the 1st place.

The basic commands such as sit, down, heel etc, should be known by your dog before trick training starts, as this will make life so much easier later on. Once these have been mastered you can begin to build on them and your dog will soon be amazing your friends with the following three simple tricks.


To start teaching this trick it is best to have your dog sit in a corner of the room with his back to the wall and you standing in front of him. The walls will support your dog and give him the confidence that he won’t fall over if he raises his front legs off the floor.

Take some small pieces of food and hold it above your dog whilst enticing him to reach up for it. Each time he takes the food, praise him and repeat the procedure slowly encouraging him to reach higher each time.

Whilst encouraging the dog to achieve up for the food, you want to ensure that he's keeping his haunches on the bottom. this can be achieved by moving the food back over his head slightly creating the dog shift his weight back over his haunches and teaching him to stay his balance.   

Once the beggary trick has bee perfect within the corner of the area you'll bit by bit begin to maneuver removed from the wall and practise the trick wherever the dog has no back support. you want to expect at this stage that the dog can appear to travel backwards in his learning, however this to be expected till he can excellent it simply victimisation his own weight.   

Shaking hands   

There are 2 elements of this trick for your dog to find out. A verbal half and a non-verbal part that each work along to present the dog a cue that you just need him to perform the trick.

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