Calling All Pet Parents And Their Pooches

Calling All Pet Parents And Their Pooches

Calling All Pet Parents And Their Pooches

A few lucky puppies and their puppy mother and father could in addition before long have their distinctive prayer celebrated on the box of a known puppy snacks product. 

A pursuit is beneath method for an image of a dog-and-owner couple which will seem on the enduring Milk-Bone Original Dog Biscuits box. 

Now through June 21, 2006, pet owners can submit a photo of themselves with their canine companions. Photos should celebrate the special bond between the two and demonstrate why they are a classy canine-and-owner couple. 

Twenty dogs and their owners will be chosen as finalists--five in each category of dog size. One winning duo will be selected for each size category: 

Small: dogs under 20 pounds 

Medium: 20-49 pounds 

Large: 50-100 pounds 

Extra large: over 100 pounds.

Four dog-and-owner combos will be selected to appear on four different varieties of Milk-Bone Original Dog Biscuits boxes in 2007. 

The four Grand Prize winners--one in each size category--will be featured on a Milk-Bone Original Biscuits box and will receive $250 in cash, a cookie jar customized with a photo of the winning duo, and a free one-year supply of Milk-Bone pet snacks. 

The 16 first-prize winners will each receive a customized cookie jar with a photo of the dog and owner and a free one-year supply of Milk-Bone pet snacks. 

All entries will be judged by a panel of experts based upon the special bond or connection between the dog and owner and overall photogenic appeal. 

"With this year's contest, we tend to needed to relinquish Pet oldsters an opportunity to shine aboard the dogs they love thus dearly," aforesaid David Contract, complete manager, Milk-Bone. "The Milk-Bone cause you to And Your Dog celebrated Search could be a nice chance for Milk-Bone to celebrate the special bond or affiliation Pet oldsters have with their dogs and provides them each the prospect of a lifetime-to see themselves and their dogs on a Milk-Bone Biscuits box."    Contract believes this year's event can turn on the momentum established by last year's productive contest.