Boring Ordinary Dog Tags - Are There Better-looking Personalized Dog Tags Out There?

Boring Ordinary Dog Tags - Are There Better-looking Personalized Dog Tags Out There?

Boring Ordinary Dog Tags - Are There Better-looking Personalized Dog Tags Out There?

I was speculative if you share the identical downside as myself five months back?   

You see. I didn't realize any distinctive or well-favored personalised dog tags anyplace – on-line or offline!   

The mission for a better-looking tag started once my girlfriend, Alice bought a brand new Chihuahua pup – Misty. whereas searching for a dog tag, she complained to Pine Tree State that almost all of the dog tags on the market are each too normal and truly boring trying...

"C'mon, there must be better-looking ones..." I assured her confidently and went online to look for one.

To my surprise, I can’t find any! All the tags I found online are deemed boring and not unique at all… at least according to her standard.

I even went to the local pet shops – the dog tags there are not any better, if not worse. Ordinary engraved dog tags – I guess they must have been around for at least 15 years. And they still look the same today. Amazing!!!

Ok, I admit. I did find some good-looking personalized dog tags online – there are some high-end ones, such as sapphire, real silver, gold, and even diamond embedded dog tags. But seriously, I’m just not prepared to pay hundreds on a dog tag! I’ll rather spend the money on better grooming services or maybe on her food.

I’m looking for something in the range of maybe 10-20 dollars maximum.

2 days later… I gave up. I simply can’t find any! I decided to custom make one for Misty – to keep Alice happy of course. ;-)

With the assistance of a follower, Lee United Nations agency is within the plaque business and along with his (trade secret) coating technique, I will primarily place any design, graphic and even image onto the tag. I went on to style Misty’s customized dog tag.

Exploitation the thought of a newborn allow I saw on-line, a handsome (newborn pet permit) tag with Alice’s contact info and Misty’s image was created.   

Alice was happy once she saw the tag. it absolutely was distinctive, customized, and one in every of its kind. it absolutely was special, a bit like her pup – Misty.

But… her happiness did not last long. The tag was not scratch-resistant! The design started to peel off slowly. It was good-looking… but not functional.

Frustrated but not about to give up, (seriously, I don’t have any solution at all then) Lee then coated the tag with his company’s patented protective coating.

Problem solved! Misty's personalized dog tag is now scratch-resistant and anti-tarnish (image won’t turn yellowish over time) because of the coating. It was even better-looking now! Because the coating leaves the tag with a beautiful glossy finished.

8 weeks of research and development (definitely much longer if without my Lee’s help, this article may makes it look easy... trust me. its not.), close to a thousand dollars spent. A good-looking, highly personalized dog tag was born.

“Was it worth all the effort?” If you ask me, I seriously don’t have the answer.

But I admit I did learn plenty from this experience… and after all within the method was born. I’ll leave that story to a different day.   

My stand is that Misty won’t feel the distinction between sporting a standard engrave dog tag or a extremely customized handsome dog tag. solely Alice can… and only Alice will perceive why she desires that...


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