Beyond Washing The Dog

Beyond Washing The Dog

Keeping your dog clean is a crucial responsibility for each dog owner. Fido depends on you for general hygiene. Clean ears, teeth and a coat free from fleas and ticks are all the conditions you check for a healthy pet. bathtub time may be a nice time to bond together with your dog in addition as check his well-being.

A healthy dogs actually don’t need to be washed all that often, but humans prefer to bathe them so that they smell fresh and clean and not like...well…dog. Although most dogs don’t like to be washed, they will appreciate the contact and attention that they receive from their owners during a bath. It is also a good time to perform some other necessary “dog maintenance” such as cleaning the ears, checking for ticks and fleas, and brushing the teeth. Since many dogs do not like to sit still for any of these activities, it can be a good idea to do them all at once.

Brushing your Dogs’ Teeth

Brushing your dogs’ teeth is simply sensible dental hygiene. Most vets advocate that it's done a minimum of doubly every week to make sure your dog maintains healthy teeth and gums. If you’ve are doing this, it’s ne'er too late to begin. The dog ought to have its own toothbrush and special dentifrice designed for dogs. you decide up everything you would like at your favorite pet provide store. confirm you sweep the rear teeth in tiny circles, the identical method you'd your own, and brush up and down the length of the “pointy” canine teeth. Dog dentifrice is formed to own a satisfying style, to dogs that's, and this could facilitate build your dog willing to allow you to perform this activity. If you can not brush his teeth, the following smartest thing would be to relinquish him teeth cleanup dog biscuits however brushing is certainly most well-liked.

Checking for Ticks & Fleas

Ticks are nasty little arachnids (they’re eight-legged creatures like spiders, and therefore are not insects) that will latch onto your dog’s skin and feed on his blood supply. They are most common in wooded areas, but your dog should be checked for them regularly because they can carry a number of diseases. The best place to look for these bugs in under the collar or on the dog’s underbelly, buried in the fur. If you find a tick, be sure to use tweezers and remove the tick by its head. 

Fleas can be found in the same places, under the fur. The presence of fleas can be betrayed by the sight of their droppings on the dog’s coat. They look like flecks of pepper. The fleas themselves can vary in size, from tiny infants to larger adults, which are about an eighth of an inch long. They can’t simply be picked off the dog like ticks can, they will jump before you can catch them. If you do find a flea or their droppings, you know it’s time to start the dog on a program to control and eliminate these pests.

Cleaning his Ears

Pet offer stores sell special solutions for cleansing a dog’s ears. Dogs will simply get ear mites. These tiny insects board the ears and feed of the waxy secretions there. Over time, the bodies of those transitory creatures build up and type a black, dirty substance. employing a cotton swab swaybacked in a very little bit of this resolution, gently clean the labyrinth. it should be tough to carry the dog still for this procedure, however it doesn’t take long. The result are going to be clean ears and therefore the turning away of potential infection and earaches for your dog.

So you see, the quality time you spend bathing your dog will not only make him smell great to you but it will make him FEEL great.


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