Basenji - Egyptian Dog

Basenji - Egyptian Dog

Basenji - Egyptian Dog

The Canis familiaris may be a little to medium sized dog consideration between twenty two to twenty five pounds. Their height is around 15" to 17". called the barkless dog, the Canis familiaris (bah-SEN-gee) makes a coffee howl/moaning/yodeling sound rather than barking. they're conjointly known as the Congo Dog.

The smooth, shiny, dense coat is short and lies flat against the body. AKC acceptable colors for Basenjis are black, chestnut red, tricolor or brindle all with white on chest, feet and tip of tail in any color including pinto, white or brindle. The coat is easy to care for. Basenjis are also known for licking and grooming their hair like a cat.

This high energy dog makes a superb watchdog. they're slow to heat up to intruders and can provide you with a warning if they see a stranger. they have lots of exercise and play. Since they're a touch on the freelance aspect, they conjointly get pleasure from some alone play. mastication is one among their favorite pastimes, therefore load them up with toys so that they don't decide your favorite try of shoes as a chew toy. they have an inclination to no act with non-canine pets. With early socialization, they will act with youngsters and different dogs. as a result of they possess a touch little bit of associate freelance nature, early coaching is usually recommended to assist curb any unwanted behaviors.

Originating in continent, the dog dates back to history in Egypt. photos of the dog are on the walls in ancient Egyptian tombs. they're in the main used as watchdogs in continent to warn others of the presence of untamed game and that they typically hunt wild game as pack dogs.

Just because the Basenji does not bark, does not mean that they are a meek, quiet lap dog. They are very energetic and need plenty of play and exercise. They are perfect for homes that enjoy outside activity and will make sure that their Basenji has time to run and roam.


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