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Advanced Dog Training Points For Conditioning Your Dog

Advanced Dog Training Points For Conditioning Your Dog

Akeisha wrote to Maine with some excellent queries. I've enclosed her letter (and my responses) below:   


It's Akeisha once more.

I do see what you mean if it's on all the time the dog can presently forget it is on so will behave regardless. Ok, therefore the dog ne'er wears a buckle collar again? this is often what irks Maine. i would like to be ready to management the dog no matter what collar is on not simply the pinch or it might be no collar in the slightest degree and therefore the dog still behaves. What if the owner for a few reason takes to the air the collar then they place the buckle collar on for ID then again forget the pinch collar? Then there's no management.   

[Adam Replies] WRONG! The dog gets conditioned. initiate the collar for for a while. Doesn't matter.

Do you ever in the training go back to the buckle collar after months of what you recommend with a dog that is happy with doing the commands?

[Adam Replies] Yes, the dog does the command because he is happy and he likes it. But eventually, there will be something that tempts him. This is where conditioning comes in.

Think of it like this: You've lived in the same house for 10 years, right? You get up in the middle of the night and you reach for the light switch that is to the LEFT of the door. Pretty soon, you get conditioned to reach out to the LEFT of the door.

One day you travel and stay in a hotel. You wake up in the middle of the night and reach out to the LEFT of the door for the switch... even though you cognitively saw that the switch is on the RIGHT.

In fact, you may wake up for several nights-- perhaps even weeks or months-- and still reach out to the LEFT, even though the switch is now on the right. Some people will continue reaching to the LEFT for the rest of their lives. Some will begin reaching to the right.

Those people need to be reinforced. Get it?

Motivational corrections if on the right dog won't frighten them or make them hate you I know but aren't there other ways except using the collar that will eventually be established thought training that will allow you to take the collar off and have control?

[Adam Replies] Yeah, this way you can take the collar off and have control, ONCE THE DOG IS CONDITIONED. But eventually you'll have to go back and reinforce, for most dogs. And definitely if you start expecting to work the dog around new distractions that it's never been proofed around, such as chickens if the dog has never seen chickens.

Look, I don't make the rules. The dog is not a robot that you can suddenly say, "He's done" and expect him to act consistently for the rest of his life. Like any relationship you have with another person, boundaries need to be established and maintained. The dog is like your wife or husband... they will eventually test you. :)

Last question, how can the dog not realize the don't have it on since it feels a lot different than the buckle? Its like my id around my neck at school I have gotten used to it but I do realize when it is off? Just for the record I have no problem with pinches, many members in my 4-H club use them and they work great on the right dog.

[Adam Replies] Because the approach you must be mistreatment the pinch collar is that the dog (since he has restricted reason and logic) doesn't apprehend that it's the pinch collar that enables you to convey him sensible corrections. however it's over the pinch collar. If I place the dog in a very variety of little yards, with no collar on ... and I'm ready to chase him down and build him come to me, if he doesn't come back after I decision... then the dog can learn THE UNDERLYING PREMISE that I will build him make out, if he doesn't. So, the pinch collar and therefore the long line build my job easier, however ultimately, the dog is aware of (or he thinks at least) that i'm a person of my word and after I tell him to try to to something: If he doesn't make out, I'm visiting build him make out. And his life are lots a lot of fun if he will it volitionally. therefore the dog starts to extrapolate this principle to different commands, too.   

Hope i'm not being irritating I rather like to understand why bound trainers price certain ways over others since i really like competitory in obedience with my dog.

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