Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby

Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby

Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby

I wrote to you some months agone and ne'er write once more, this as a result of I failed to have any drawback with my dog yet and this can be case of keeping the dog or giving her away.   

Last week the dog (9 months now), growled to my a pair of year recent girl and to my married woman too once she tried to correct her when the action. They were look TV and it's like my girl approached her face to the dog, she has done this before while not this type of reaction and last night she pet her on her back and therefore the dog pull her lips up like if she was able to bite.

She never growls to anyone and she is very friendly and some times very submissive with people and other dogs.

I'm thinking that this is something to do with my daughter's stature, she is a dwarf and I guess the dog looks at her as lower level because she is actually smaller than the dog.

I read the book trying to find something to do but I see you suggest a professional advice.

I don't want to risk the safety of my daughter or wife, if there is something I can try that you suggest I will appreciate.

Thank you
Guillermo Rodriguez

Dear Guillermo:

I would be careful about letting your daughter be around the dog at this age, however... I would not recommend getting rid of the dog if...

1. You recognize that more than likely, based on what you've told me, you don't have a bad dog. What you've seen is very common amongst young dogs. They are reaching adolescents and are testing out their position in the pack. They are experimenting with new behaviors to see what kind of response it will elicit from the rest of the pack. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD ENDANGER YOUR CHILD, but rather that you need to keep a very close eye on the two at all times.

She'll possible do that behavior a pair additional times. once it happens, it should be met with a direct, extraordinarily firm correction. (See page forty five and page 174) you want to "psych" her into basic cognitive process that if she tries to hurt you or the other member of the pack once more, then you'll kill her. create her ne'er, EVER wish to even give some thought to making an attempt such a behavior once more.   

2. Let ME repeat, this is often a awfully common behavior amongst young dogs. However, your child's safety comes initial. i might not let a young kid of this age be in direct contact with a dog, period. no matter the dog.

Please let me know if there is something you do not understand.