A Look at Diamond Dog Tags

A Look at Diamond Dog Tags

A Look at Diamond Dog Tags

Diamond dog tags are the cream of the crop, the simplest of the best, the foremost luxurious form of dog tag you'll be able to purchase.     

Diamond dog tags will value up to $7500 or additional. If you'll be able to afford such luxuries, a diamond dog tag is that the good addition to your assortment. offer your dog a diamond bone, heart, plug, or any of a limitless variety of shapes and styles.

You can even buy dog-and-owner tag duos. Put one on your dog’s collar, and hang one as a pendant from your neck (or as a charm on your bracelet.)

A diamond dog tag deserves a great collar or necklace. You wouldn’t frame a masterpiece painting with cardboard, would you? The same principle applies to dog tags. Most retailers of diamond dog tags also carry luxury collars. Ask them about the selection. You can have diamonds on the collar (for maximum effect), rhinestones, crystals, sapphires, gold, silver, or any other precious stone. Perhaps a series of your dog’s birthstone would be the perfect touch.

Diamonds for dogs are regarding the identical as diamonds for humans. they begin at some hundred bucks, and might go as high as tens of thousands of bucks, reckoning on size, cut, and provider.

Wherever are you able to obtain a diamond dog tag? There are several sources on-line. The triumph pet accessories web site animalstars.com could be a excellent spot to start out. There you may notice a good choice of dog tags, and not solely diamond, however conjointly gold, silver, and pearl. you'll even notice low cost ones – nice to be used as a backup just in case your diamond dog tag ever falls off your rumbustious pup.


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