Tips For Introducing Cats

Tips For Introducing Cats

Tips For Introducing Cats

when you plan to add a fresh cat to your house, it’s typically additional exiting for you and your circle of relatives than it is for the cat you already terribly own. despite the fact that most cats area unit solitary by means that of nature, most might also come back to simply settle for or sooner or later tolerate any additions.  cats may be terribly territorial, that is why you must perpetually watch out once you introduce a brand new cat on your modern cat.

if you are introducing kittens to each other, the entire advent procedure may be short, lasting as little as 10 – 15 days.  introducing cats to every different all relies upon on their temperament and their personality.  while you introduce a brand new cat to your contemporary cat, you ought to usually ensure which you deliver your modern cat plenty of love and interest.  this manner, your cat will sense relaxed and recognize that he isn’t in opposition along with your new cat for affection.

When you bring your new cat home, you should let him stay in a safe room until you have finished introducing the cats.  Your safe room can be any small room in your home, such as a bathroom or spare bedroom.   The key here is to use a room that your current cat doesn’t go in.  In the room, you should leave your new cat a scratching post, bed, water dish, litter box, and food dish.

At first, your current cat might howl and hiss once he stands at the door, making an attempt to inform the opposite cat that he doesn’t belong. once this happens you ought to ignore it, as hard your cat for his behavior can solely result in additional issues. when a short while, the primary cat can begin to act calm once he's close to the new cat’s door.  As he starts to act calm, you ought to pet him and provides him praise.

When your first cat starts to go by your new cat’s door and doesn’t howl or hiss; you can start introducing them to each other.  The best way to do this is to get them used to each others scent.  You can start letting them eat out of the same food dish, although you’ll want to feed them at different intervals at first.  This way, the scent of each cat will be present at the food dish, and each cat will get the scent when he eats his food.

Once both cats have got used to the scent, you can begin to feed them closer together.  To do this, you should keep your new cat in the safe room with the door closed, and your first cat on the other side of the door with his food dish.  This time, feed both cats at the same time.  After doing this a few times, they should start eating without any hissing or growling.  At this point, they are ready to be introduced to one another.

When you introduce them to every different within the same space, a small amount of growling and hissing is to be expected. though can} be wont to every others scent; your 1st cat will still feel a small amount awkward together with your new cat being in his territory. you ought to play with them each initially, in order that they will smell each other and greet in their own method. If they begin to fight you ought to break them up, and provides them it slow apart.

It may take some time to get them fully used to one another, although once they do – they will become playmates for life.  Cats love to be social, although it may be a bit rough at first, especially for your first cat.  Cats can be very territorial, especially if you have a kitten around.  If you get both of them used to each other early on – it will be a lot easier to add future cats to your home.


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